The Magicians review



So I just wrapped up The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I had heard really good things about it so I gave it a shot. The story is centered around Quentin Coldwater,  an outcast kid from Brooklyn who suffers from low self esteem and a distinct sense of self loathing. He is of course bright,  and “misunderstood” and not appreciated by Julia (one of a trio of pals along with James in which Q plays the 3rd wheel.). He ends up at a school of magic called Brakebills College of Magical Pedagogy.  The bulk of the book is him meeting a new group of friends and getting through his years there at the school.  Well, lo and behold,  magic is real and there ensues the usual discovery of a whole new world etc etc.  The books last half is Q and pals finding themselves in Fillory,  the fantasy world that Q has lost himself in while reading a series of books published in the mid 20th century. Think of them like the Tolkien books. There is a whole world there and after Brakebills, Q ends up in Fillory. There is some relationship drama with Alice and she ends up being the actual baddest motherf-er of the group and sacrifices herself to save them.  And the self pity, self loathing  and misplaced anger that pours out of Quentin taints the whole book.

The story is fine and the system of magic is fine and the writing is fine… The problem is that Quentin is a whiny,  ungrateful,  miserable dipshit. He is just too unlikable.  He thinks like a child,  acts like a child and is just a pretty terrible person all around. The fact that this series centers around him is pretty disappointing.  At least Harry Potter was a child.  Quentin is just an insufferable douche.  I can’t bring myself to continue the series.. I just don’t care enough about the characters.

Anywho.. TL:DR 2.5 out of 5 magic spells…


Winds of Winter Thoughts(spoilers)

GOT finale banner

First let me say that this finale set a new bar for the show.  It was packed with great scenes and hit all the right plot points to move this story, and what a story.  Great job by the cast and crew.  Now,  some thoughts from the episode..

  1. The Lady Mormont is a f*cking badass. She brooks no shit and embarrassed the other northern Lords.  And she is like 10. If she was 20 she would be eating Cerise’s liver while demanding Dany make sure everyone’s wine glass is full. 

  2. Arya! She made it back to Westeros to start on her list and couldn’t have picked a better beginning.  Buh Bye Walder Frey,  you decrepit traitorous f*ckwit. 
    Arya finally

  3. Ah Tommen… The gloriously inept sh*thead finally makes a command decision.*Note- pretty much acceptable all things considered. 
    useless dipsh*t

  4. I’m torn.. We have lost the lovely and charming and *good* Margaery Tyrell. sniff. 
    I’ll miss you Nat..

    But we also now get to see The Lady Olenna – Off. The. Chain. 

    Olenna Black2
    Cerise’s not the only one in battle mode

  5. Oh yeah.. R+L=J is true.  Fire and Ice as foretold. 
    Hi. I’m King of the some more. Where’s my dragon?

  6. Cersei went battle mode and dressed the part.  Sharp.  She also killed a sept full of people.. Ruthless..aaaaannd maybe a little crazy. 
    Bad Cersei
    Battle Mode Cersei

  7. Those murderous little street urchins! WTF..Although they did help finally rid the world of this douche:
    What a punchable face. 

  8. Seems to be a 4 party war now..  Team Dany – Iron Born + The Dothraki +Dorne + The Tyrells + Tyrion + DRAGONS vs Team Cersei – Uh,  house Lannister? + Jaime? + Whatever is left of the Freys. Hmm.. and up North Team Snow – The North + Wildings + The at present useless 3 eyed crow vs The Night King and the endless White Walker hordes + Winter.  Seems like one of those teams is pretty stacked.

  9.  No Lady Stoneheart.  Boo… I’m still holding out hope..stupidly.

  10. Bye Melisandre..I wonder where she ends up.. 
    Bye Felicia mel
    Bye Felicia

  11. Winter *finally* came.. There is a Sting joke in there somewhere I think..


So.. in conclusion Season 7 should be really spectacular. And we’re probably gonna see a bit of this guy:

Night King
This guy


And this guy


I can’t wait..








Battle of the Bastards + Leeroy Jenkins = GOLD

Seriously, the Battle of the Bastards episode of Game of Thrones was spectacular. The battle scene outside Winterfell was just breathtaking and I can’t wait for the finale tonight.



John Snow falling for Ramsey’s shenanigans was just terrible.

But this almost makes up for it.  John Snow as Leeroy Jenkins


Red Rising Trilogy Review


Red Rising

So,  during my daily commute I tend to listen mostly to audio books.  Having an hour plus commute each way really lets me tear through them at a fairly quick pace and I frequently find myself buying extra credits from (I highly recommend it btw)

Anyway,  I recently completed the third installment of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown and I wanted to put in my 2c. The story takes place in the far future where humans have terraformed  and populated Mars, the Moon (Luna) and various celestial bodies in the solar system.  And humanity is divided by class using a “color” scheme.  Golds sit at the top and conquered the rest of humanity a couple hundred years prior to the story. They took on a lot of Roman culture and social constructs yet have fantastic tech which they use to rule over the other Colors.  Obsidians are huge warriors that are imprisoned on the Poles of the planets and believe the Golds are the Norse Gods.  They are used for martial purposes and are of course slaves.  Grey’s are use mainly as soldiers and police. Silvers are tech centric, Oranges are medical, Pinks are prostitutes/sex slaves, Coppers are bankers and of course the Reds are used as slave labor in various endevours but they are most famous for being miners extracting Helium3 from deep inside Mars.

The story is based around a particular Red name Darrow of Lycos ,which is a mining city deep under Mars.  The Red believe that the surface of Mars is uninhabitable and they are digging out the lifeblood of the settlers trying to make it so.  This is, of course, a lie.  They are enslaved by the Golds and Mars is beautiful with majestic cities, lush gardens etc etc.

Anyway – Brown sucks you right in and makes Darrow someone you care about and then gets you on board with a pretty brutal event that kicks this whole ride off.  I’m not going to go into a ton of detail or even much more,  but the gist is that he leads a rebellion of sorts.

I really, really found this series enjoyable.  I loved most of the characters and at least twice I found myself with my heart pounding, adrenaline pumping  and almost gasping in shock/disbelief at certain points. Its a pretty rare book that gets me to that point. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the SciFi, Fantasy genre.  Mr. Brown did a great job and I look forward to whatever he puts out in the future.


TL;DR – If you like SciFi/Fantasy,  read or listen to this now! Fear the Reaper!



Staked nailed it..

I just finished Staked by Kevin Hearne and it did not disappoint. Atticus and Oberon were both back in fine form.  Owen was still as lovable as ever and Granuaile was a little starry eyed but still kicked ass when she needed to get things done.  I really do love the mythology entwined in this series and Hearne does an awesome job tying it all together. If you’re looking for an entertaining and fun series you can do a lot worse than the Iron Druid Chronicles.  Now I have to wait for the next one.. Boo..

And remember…Never be Nigel in Toronto…

Fantastic 4..Fantastic. I do not think that means what you think it means..

While up all night doing some index maintenance for work (database stuff) I had the utter misfortune of watching the latest revision of The Fantastic 4.  I heard the reviews were pretty bad and so bad, in fact, that they cancelled the planned second installment…

Well..Holy crap.  What a lifeless,  unfunny,  unentertaining, pretty much unwatchable pile of shiite.  I mean..bad. Like not even “so bad its good” bad but just pathetic and cringeworthy bad.  Thankfully I had other stuff to do while it was playing or I’d be really annoyed at myself for completely wasting those precious minutes of my life.

Do yourself a favor.. Don’t watch it.  Not one second of it. You’ll thank me.

TL;DR – Zero stars out of 5

Oh Hello..It has been too long..

Hi Everyone..

It’s been like years since I’ve updated this thing.. I’m going to try and start something regularly.  Even if it’s just a small thing. I just need to do it..

Anyway..I’m just finishing the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie and wtf man, what took me so long to find this series?  It’s really been fantastic.  Logen Ninefingers,  Bayaz, Black Dow, Superior Glokta, et. al are all endearing in their own way.  I can’t wait to get the other books in the same world..

Also! Just got my preorder of Staked by Kevin Hearne.  I love the Iron Druid Chronicles and Luke Daniels does a sensational job for Audible.

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon.