Hateful Eight..

The Hateful Eight

I know its late,  but I just finished this little piece of cinema in all my spare time… Classic Tarantino.  Its almost like QT is the anti-Sandler.  They both have a clique of actors they constantly work with but instead of utter garbage, QT puts out generally decent,  and sometimes classic movies(Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs).  This was on the better end of the spectrum and Samuel L really made it fun.  It’s almost like he just has such a great time doing  these films that you can just see the joy in his eyes.  The whole cast did an exemplary job, actually.

Basically a bunch of folks end up in a remote rest stop during a blizzard in Wyoming, I think, and it all ends up in a world of shit.  That’s pretty much the film in a nutshell.  Its fun,  gory and worth watching.  3.5 out of 5 on the generic review scale.


Movie Review: Deadpool




Due to the kindness and generosity of a sister-in-law who loves newborns,  my wife and I got the opportunity to sneak out last week and finally see Deadpool.  It was totally worth the wait.  I’ve always thought Ryan Renolds the perfect casting choice to play DP and it was spot on.  The sarcastic tone,  the perfect delivery and just the right amount of cocky completely nailed the big screen version of Deadpool.  Everyone was just right in the film.. with maybe the exception of Gina Carano who I just can’t buy in any role, even just playing herself.  Colossus was fantastic so congrats to those five guys.

This was the standard origin story movie which is usually just ok, but this really knocked it out of the park and I’m beyond excited to hear that the sequel is already in the works.


TL:DR – 4.5 out of 5 Chimichangas!

Fantastic 4..Fantastic. I do not think that means what you think it means..

While up all night doing some index maintenance for work (database stuff) I had the utter misfortune of watching the latest revision of The Fantastic 4.  I heard the reviews were pretty bad and so bad, in fact, that they cancelled the planned second installment…

Well..Holy crap.  What a lifeless,  unfunny,  unentertaining, pretty much unwatchable pile of shiite.  I mean..bad. Like not even “so bad its good” bad but just pathetic and cringeworthy bad.  Thankfully I had other stuff to do while it was playing or I’d be really annoyed at myself for completely wasting those precious minutes of my life.

Do yourself a favor.. Don’t watch it.  Not one second of it. You’ll thank me.

TL;DR – Zero stars out of 5

Thor.. The Dark World.. mini review

Got a chance to pop into my local theater to see the latest installment of Thor.  I am a big Marvel cinema fan,  but I have to admit that the Thor and Captain America franchises are my two least favorite of the bunch so I wasn’t expecting much from this film.  And I have to say, I enjoyed it more than the first installment.  A lot more.  It’s certainly formulaic as are most of the Marvel flicks,  but it was slightly darker than the first and I thought was more fun.  Chris Helmsworth does his usual thing and I enjoyed Rene Russo immensely, but I really thought Tom Hiddleston won the day.  His Loki is pretty much dead on and I can;t wait to see what the future holds for him.  And based on the trailer scenes and the general scuttlebutt around the plans for the Marvel universe,  I’d say its likely there are big, big plans for that future.

Playa Thor
Well, hello there..

Into Darkness. A Review…


In a word: Awesome

Being a pretty big fan of SciFi/Fantasy etc., I have been looking forward to the latest installment of the Star Trek reboot.  I think they really nailed the casting for it and I enjoy the fresh take.  My work decided that tech would take the afternoon to go see it as a group.  Sweet!!

So,  the plot is roughly this..  Kirk and Spock are cruising through life with the Enterprise and things are good with Spock and Uhura doing their thing.  Kirk is doing his “no rules for me” schtick and we see them intervene on some savage world and expose the indigenous species to the modern world,  violating a Prime Directive while rescuing  Spock from a volcano.  Kirk loses his Captaincy and Spock is reassigned.  Then Pike saves Kirk’s career, sort of and makes him  the 1st officer on the Enterprise.  In comes Benedict Cumberbatch as a terrorist who blows up a seemingly innocuous data archive.  Cumberbatch then sees where the puck is going and then attacks the convened council of Starfleet‘s top brass,  Kirk included.  Pike dies,  which sets Kirk off,  not that he needed the motivation,  but it works.  Kirk plays hero and stops the attack.  Scotty has some magic and knows where BC got off to.  The home planet of the Klingons. Dun dun dun…

We then see Kirk ask for his ship and crew back to go get him..Admiral Marcus agrees and sends him with some fancy toys which he will use to destroy BC.  Insert moral dilemma, mysterious blonde hottie and off they go.  Kirk shows his conscience and decides to take BC into custody.  So much awesomeness ensues.  After almost single handedly taking out a Klingon patrol and being generally the baddest MFer around,  BC ends up surrendering quite easily to Kirk, Spock and Uhura when he finds out 72 fancy photon torpedoes are waiting to destroy him. We also see BC take a beating and a half from Kirk with no marks or injury to show for it.  Hmm.. He also knows the Enterprise is also stranded on the edge of the neutral zone.. he knows too much actually.  Oh, did I mention that Scotty resigned because he wouldn’t sign off on the fancy photon torpedoes Marcus gave Kirk to kill BC.  Anywho.. BC is on the Enterprise and reveals….***SPOILER****  That he is,  in fact,  Khan!  He is smarter, stronger, faster and generally better than everyone else.  Turns out Marcus pulled him and his crew,  of 72,  out of Cryostasis to help build the war machine that Marcus believes Starfleet needs to battle the Klingons. So,  Marcus shows up with one bad ass ship. A Dreadnought class starship which is built to fight.  They attempt to kill everyone and start the war..yada yada yada..  Kirk dies yada yada yada.. KHHHAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!! yada yada yada It works out in the end through some awesomesauce doused all over the Enterprise and Earth by the crew.

Bottom line,  the movie is totally worth the price of admission.  It’s 2 plus hours of total, epic, fun.  Congrats to the cast , crew and JJ for directing another sensational film.  And a special note about Benedict Cumberbatch.  He steals the movie and is fucking brilliant.  Just awesome.  Go see it. In IMAX if you can..