iPhone X, 8,Watch and TV Event

So the annual event dropped and as expected Apple showed off the 8, 8 Plus, Watch Series 3,  Apple TV w/4K and of course the iPhone X. I thought it was a mixed bag.

The good:

Watch – Series 3 with upgraded chips and LTE. This should be pretty great assuming the battery life really is comparable to the first 2 versions. I think I won’t mind the 10$ a month I’ll be billed from my carrier, but I do wonder if the non-LTE Series 3 would work just fine instead.. TBD

Apple TV – The only real positive from this portion was that Apple managed to whine, beg, threaten, cajole almost all the studios to do 20$ 4K movies. That is actually really great. And the they will upgrade any HD movies you already bought for free. Awesome.

iPhone 8/8Plus – These were standard annual upgrades. They are fine. And would’ve been pretty ok until….

iPhone X – Even though everyone knew what it looked like and pretty much what the capabilities were it was still fun to see it rolled out. I’m pretty excited for it. I’m interested to see the FaceID in action and the screen. I know that other devices have had OLED screens for a while now, but I use an iPhone so its a nice addition.

The bad:

Watch – nothing really. Nice upgrades.

Apple TV – WTF Tim.. dat price. Why the heck would anyone use an AppleTV over a Roku or Firestick or basically any other streaming device that does 4K also? Because they like giving Apple twice what it should actually cost? The pricing on these is truly disappointing.

iPhone 8/8Plus – uh…the bezels?  Nothing was negative per se,  just boring and totally expected. Meh.

iPhone X – The notch is…a notch. Why? Why Jony? And here you would also see the complaint about pricing (999$ and 1149$ for 64GB and 256GB respectively) except its only really a 50$ “tax” over the Note 8 the natural comparison. I think its worth 50$ to not have to use Android or Samsung. Just a personal preference. YMMV.

All in all I think the event was one of the better ones they have had in the last couple years. Google is announcing the Pixel 2 in October and I’m interested to see how they compare.

Oh…and pre order for the 8/8Plus and Watch start in a few hours. The X won’t be available until November. And now I am sad again.. Thanks Apple.



Author: Rich H

A guy with opinions..

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