Hateful Eight..

The Hateful Eight

I know its late,  but I just finished this little piece of cinema in all my spare time… Classic Tarantino.  Its almost like QT is the anti-Sandler.  They both have a clique of actors they constantly work with but instead of utter garbage, QT puts out generally decent,  and sometimes classic movies(Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs).  This was on the better end of the spectrum and Samuel L really made it fun.  It’s almost like he just has such a great time doing  these films that you can just see the joy in his eyes.  The whole cast did an exemplary job, actually.

Basically a bunch of folks end up in a remote rest stop during a blizzard in Wyoming, I think, and it all ends up in a world of shit.  That’s pretty much the film in a nutshell.  Its fun,  gory and worth watching.  3.5 out of 5 on the generic review scale.


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