Thor.. The Dark World.. mini review

Got a chance to pop into my local theater to see the latest installment of Thor.  I am a big Marvel cinema fan,  but I have to admit that the Thor and Captain America franchises are my two least favorite of the bunch so I wasn’t expecting much from this film.  And I have to say, I enjoyed it more than the first installment.  A lot more.  It’s certainly formulaic as are most of the Marvel flicks,  but it was slightly darker than the first and I thought was more fun.  Chris Helmsworth does his usual thing and I enjoyed Rene Russo immensely, but I really thought Tom Hiddleston won the day.  His Loki is pretty much dead on and I can;t wait to see what the future holds for him.  And based on the trailer scenes and the general scuttlebutt around the plans for the Marvel universe,  I’d say its likely there are big, big plans for that future.

Playa Thor
Well, hello there..

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