What is going on here with G.O.T? **Spoilers below**

So I get that translating the immense detail and depth of the Game of Thrones series to television will result in some changes to story lines, and characters…  But man did the tonights episode of GOT throw a monkey wrench into the series for anyone who has read the books.  What are they doing with Melisandre visiting Thor of Myr and taking Gendry?  What? And Sansa set to marry Loras instead of Wilas? What are they thinking?  I really hope they can catch this before it goes way off the rails..

That said, I am absolutely psyched for two for two of the three weddings I think we’ll see..  Joffrey’s and the Red Wedding.  I’m thinking one or both will be the season finale…


Author: Rich H

A guy with opinions..

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